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Arms And the Man : A Pleasant Play

Arms And the Man : A Pleasant Play
Exclusive to Penguin Classics: the definitive text of one of Shaw's most delightful comedies--part of the official Bernard Shaw Library

A Penguin Classic

Raina, a young woman with romantic notions of war and an idealized view of her soldier fiancé, is surprised one night by a Swiss mercenary soldier seeking refuge in her bedchamber. The pragmatic Captain Bluntschli proceeds to puncture all of Raina's illusions about love, heroism, and class. In a second duel of sex, Louka, Raina's maid, uses her wiles in her attempt to gain power. Optimistic, farcical, absurd, and teeming with sexual energy, Arms and the Man has Shaw inverting the devices of melodrama to glorious effect.

This is the definitive text prepared under the editorial supervision of Dan H. Laurence. The volume includes Shaw's preface of 1898.

Publication Date: 
June 27, 2006