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Brain Fitness Puzzles

Brain Fitness Puzzles

Your mind, just like your body, needs regular exercise to stay in shape. Structured the same way as a good physical workout--in warm-up, training, cardio, and cool-down modes--this brain-training manual provides a definitive regimen to help you boost your mind to peak performance readiness. Flex your intellect with an exciting variety of engaging exercises scientifically designed to enhance your logic and reasoning skills, visual and lateral thinking, creativity, concentration, and more. Fun, familiar puzzles such as word searches and Sudoku will fire up your neurons, preparing you for more challenging and rewarding activities, such as long digit span tests, mental rotation games, and memory tasks. Go at your own pace and remember that practice makes progress. If you hit the wall, the puzzle key at the back of the book has all the answers.

Publication Date: 
January 9, 2024
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