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How to Draw Inky Wonderlands

How to Draw Inky Wonderlands

Basford, Johanna
A welcoming drawing guide for creating beautiful worlds and wondrous wildlife from bestselling artist Johanna Basford

Through her bestselling coloring books and distinctive illustrations, Johanna Basford's beautiful forests, ocean depths, and hidden magical kingdoms have enchanted millions of people around the world. In this lovely and accessible guide, she shares the fun, simple, no-skills-needed secrets to creating your own wondrous realms through fanciful, expressive line drawing.

With step-by-step exercises, inspiring prompts, and still plenty of pages to color, you'll be free to let your creativity run wild. How to Draw Inky Wonderlands invites you to develop your personal drawing style and master creating marvelous creatures and landscapes using only the pen or pencil in your hand and the wildest reaches of your imagination.

David Bellamy's Complete Guide to Landscapes

David Bellamy's Complete Guide to Landscapes

Bellamy, David
Be inspired by watercolor masterclass artist David Bellamy and learn how to paint glorious landscapes, capturing the natural countryside in all its moods.

Renowned watercolorist David Bellamy brings you a collection of his finest watercolor landscape paintings in one outstanding resource. From mountains, rocks and crags, to moody skies, cloud types, shafts of light, haze, mist, and capturing tranquil water and raging seas, David's expert knowledge will guide you through to depict your own stunning scenes in lively watercolor.

David imparts in-depth practical advice on painting and sketching, clearly setting out all the techniques required, such as misty atmospheric effects, tackling frost and capturing the essence of each season.

David's inspiration from his extensive travels shines through in his paintings, capturing the ever-changing and rugged landscape in all its moods from all over the world.

Color in Art

Color in Art

Gage, John

The complex phenomenon of color has received detailed attention from the perspectives of physics, chemistry, physiology, psychology, linguistics, and philosophy. However, the people who work most closely with color--artists--have rarely been canvassed for their opinions on this mysterious subject.

John Gage sets out to address this omission by focusing on the thoughts and practices of artists. Color in Art is concerned with the history of color, but is not itself a history; instead each chapter develops a theme from a different scientific discipline, as seen from the viewpoint of such diverse artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Sonia Delaunay, Bridget Riley, and Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. Drawing on examples through the ages, from ancient times to the present, the many topics covered include flags, synesthesia, theosophy, theater design, film, chromotherapy, and chromophobia.

Featuring a new foreword by art writer Kelly Grovier outlining contemporary developments in the study of color and an updated bibliography, this new edition of this classic text offers a wide-ranging and engaging introduction to the place and power of color in life and art.

How to Paint Transparent Watercolour Flowers

How to Paint Transparent Watercolour Flowers

Koelsch, Olga
Learn how to create 6 delicate, see-through flowers in watercolor with the immensely popular artist, botanical illustrator, and pattern designer.

Renowned YouTube and Instagram tutor, botanical watercolor artist and surface pattern designer, Olga Koelsch shares her techniques with beginners and advanced artists alike in achieving beautiful and unique watercolor creations.

In her debut book, Olga gently guides artists through the process of painting flowers that combine the accuracy of botanical illustration with the expression and freedom of modern watercolour. Here you'll find:

  • A concise introduction with the key items you'll need to get started
  • Olga's most-used watercolor methods
  • 6 different stunning plant projects: magnolia, eucalyptus, bellflower, rose, peony, and iris
  • Clear photography and step-by-step instructions for every project
  • Traceable outlines at the back of the book for beginners needing help
  • Inspiration from Olga's stunning collection for what to do with your finished artwork: cards, invitations, wall art, fabrics, and more

  • Whether you're looking to start painting flowers with a nod to botanical illustration, or to learn how to create beautiful flowers to adorn personal items, you'll be struck by the timeless and unique artwork that fills How to Paint Transparent Flowers.

    George Gershwin and Modern Art

    George Gershwin and Modern Art

    Mattis, Olivia
    Offers the first examination of George Gershwin's engagement with modern art through his own artwork, his collection and the art inspired by his music. George Gershwin is widely known and beloved for his innovative work as a composer, songwriter and pianist, but his passion and talents extended to the visual arts as well. Before his untimely death at age 38, Gershwin produced numerous paintings, drawings and photographs. His personal collection of modern art was one of the most significant of his day, including pieces by Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Vassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Isamu Noguchi, David Alfaro Siqueiros and others. Gershwin's music also inspired artwork by Miguel Covarrubias, Arthur Dove, Kara Walker, Andy Warhol and many others. Featuring these three elements of Gershwin's artistic influence, as well as select ephemera and correspondence from his artistic circle, this beautifully designed volume offers a tour through Gershwin's multifaceted visual dimension, expanding our understanding of the composer, his music and his impact on American cultural history.
    Lee Krasner

    Lee Krasner

    Nairne, Eleanor

    In 1984, Lee Krasner (1908-1984) became one of the few women artists to have been given a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. She quipped about her belated recognition: "I was a woman, Jewish, a widow, a damn good painter, thank you, and a little too independent." One of the original pioneers of abstract expressionism, Krasner has for too long been eclipsed by her husband, Jackson Pollock. In fact, his death in 1956 marked her renaissance as an artist.

    Lee Krasner features an outstanding selection of her most important paintings, collages, and works on paper, contextualized by photography from the postwar period, an illustrated chronology, and a previously unpublished interview with her biographer Gail Levin. This richly illustrated monograph is a comprehensive survey of the work of one of the twentieth century's most dynamic artists.



    Reich PhD, Lee

    Between 1886 and 1942, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Pomology Division--pomology being the study of fruit growing--commissioned an illustrated register of fruits, most of which were painted by women artists. These watercolor illustrations were invaluable to growers, who used them as records of prized varieties that were in danger of being stolen or counterfeited by competitors. Today, the watercolors serve as a time capsule of America's past agricultural landscape, including many heirloom varieties now lost.

    This little book highlights 250 of the most mouthwatering paintings from the Pomological Watercolor Collection, including fruit from all fifty states and around the world, from apples and oranges to gooseberries and plums. It will make a delightful gift for gourmets and gardeners alike.