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Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook, 10th Anniversary Edition: 700+ Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make

Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook, 10th Anniversary Edition: 700+ Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make

America's Test Kitchen
The 10th anniversary edition of the New York Times bestseller--more than 640,000 sold--updated with more than 200 new recipes, new photography, and updated equipment buying recommendations.

Learn the ins and outs of successful small-scale cooking from the experts who wrote the book on it. This groundbreaking collection was the first to reengineer recipes to serve just two and even after 10 years it is still the essential reference. America's Test Kitchen scaled down 700+ of our best recipes including the trickiest dishes, from soups and stews to meatloaf and pot roast, even cakes and pies. We did the math to take the guesswork out of cooking for two so that you can be sure that anything you want to make, whether it's lasagna or a batch of fudgy brownies, will come out perfectly every time.

This go-to resource shows you how to save time and money in the kitchen by learning clever shopping strategies to reduce waste, smart storage tricks to keep food fresher longer, and special recipes designed to use up pesky leftover ingredients like half a can of beans or the rest of a butternut squash or cabbage.

This updated edition includes:

Expertly scaled recipes These aren't regular recipes cut in half but 700 recipes engineered to work perfectly every time. New recipes include more international, vegetarian, and complete meal options.

Keys to a smaller grocery budget Learn to shop smarter and buy what is needed with no waste

New air fryer recipes Air fryers are perfect for cooking recipes to serve two people and ATK has the best recipes

Cooking times added Total cooking times have been added to every recipe to help with planning time in the kitchen

Nutritional information Has been added for every recipe

Updated buying guide Recommendations for test kitchen-tested smaller size pans and handy equipment for cooking for two

Perfectly scaled recipes mean perfect results--every time.

Complete Modern Pantry Cookbook

Complete Modern Pantry Cookbook

America's Test Kitchen
Busy home cooks can create exciting meals straight from the pantry with this unique cookbook from America's Test Kitchen.

Cook more, shop less, and improvise like a pro with over 350 recipes and tricks for making the most of ingredients you already have on hand.

Flexibility should be in every cook's arsenal--sometimes you can't always get to the supermarket. This invaluable cooking resource from America's Test Kitchen shows cooks how to make use of their pantry by thinking in categories. The recipe is the blueprint--you focus on what the ingredients do, not just what they are.

Visualize a dish starting with what's in your pantry, fridge, or freezer. Then substitute, swap, and combine to build the meal up:

- Bulk and bases: grains, beans, and other starchy foods are a solid foundation
- Long storage vegetables: use go-to staples like potatoes and garlic, even frozen veggies
- Proteins: items like eggs, tinned fish, tofu, and cured meat anchor the meal
- Toppings: creamy and rich, or crispy, crunchy, and chewy--these always transform a dish
- Acidic and pickled foods: brighten everything up
- Umami: flavor-enhancing condiments and seasonings add depth to food
- Hot and smoky elements: spices, chiles, and sauces enliven your mea
- Sweet and tart flavorings: balance out anything that's salty, bitter, sour, or hot
- DIY Pantry items: make your own blends and toppings

Whether you're a home cook who wants to get more creative, or are budget and waste-conscious, or even just pressed for time on a weeknight, America's Test Kitchen will show you how to improvise with confidence.

Desserts Illustrated

Desserts Illustrated

America's Test Kitchen
Finesse the final course with confidence using this must-have companion for making dessert magic with 91 types of sweets and 600+ foolproof recipes.

Part cookbook, part handbook, Desserts Illustrated is the last word on the last (but definitely not least) course. In it, America's Test Kitchen far expands on previous explorations of the world of sweets, teaching all types of candies, custards, frozen treats, and fruit desserts in addition to a bounty of baked goods, and upping the ante on flavor. With 600+ recipes, you'll find modern desserts for bakers and nonbakers like Pear Crisp with Miso and Almonds and Ginger-Turmeric Frozen Yogurt living next to the classics like Shortbread and Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

An innovative book structure organizes desserts within a tasty taxonomy: Find 91 types of desserts. Discover what ingredients and mixing methods turn out all your favorite subcategories of sweets like Chewy versus Crispy versus Cakey Drop Cookies. Take a deep dive into desserts you may not know like Pudding Cakes. See how the stages of caramel turn into soft Pralines to crunchy Chocolate-Toffee Bark.

Learning transferable techniques makes you feel like a pastry chef: Once you've tempered eggs you can make any custard, pudding, or cream pie. Manipulate brownie batter for chewy, fudgy, or cakey squares--whatever you like.

The only dessert book you'll ever need: This modern classic incorporates in-depth info on techniques new and timeless, lots of stunning dessert photos and informative illustrations, tutorials to make more challenging recipes easy to follow, and new recipes with fantastic flavor.

With this forever dessert companion, you can impress for company--or quickly whip up something to satisfy a Tuesday sweet tooth.

Food Gifts

Food Gifts

America's Test Kitchen
The only all-occasion guide to homemade food gifts that look as fabulous as they taste, with more than 150 recipes, hundreds of packaging ideas, and insider tips from best-selling author and food stylist Elle Simone Scott

Food fosters connection, and there's no more meaningful way to connect with others than to give a personalized food gift that you've prepared and packaged yourself. Elle Simone Scott, food stylist, ATK cast member, and author of the bestseller Boards, turns her considerable talents to expanding the boundaries of what food gifts are (they're endlessly customizable) and when they can be given (literally, anytime), proving along the way that food is one of the best (and best-looking) gifts you can give.

  • Gifts for every occasion: A unique housewarming or new neighbor gift, celebrating a wedding or a new baby, a birthday, graduation, holiday cookie swap, Mother's Day, Father's Day--all these and more are covered.
  • Any level gift, from simple to spectacular: Give one gorgeous bottle of Fruits of the Forest Liqueur. Up the ante by adding a jar of Citrus Simple Syrup. Gift a cocktail party basket with the liqueur, syrup, sparkling wine, flute glasses, and a cocktail recipe.
  • Spin one item many ways: Make a big batch of homemade granola for gifting, or divide the recipe into thirds and flavor them different ways. Elle shows how to do this with shortbread cookies, hot cocoa mix, party snack mix, and more.
  • Big-batch gifts: Bring Banana Caramel Pie in a Jar or Party Cake Pops to a school or work event. Gift your whole crowd at the holidays with Chocolate-Ginger Truffles or get them through the winter with Summer Tomato Sauce.
  • Playful DIY meal kits: For friends who love to cook, there's DIY Pancake Mix, Turkish Bride Soup in a Jar, or Mushroom Risotto in a Jar.
  • Helping-hand gifts: Support and comfort someone with a fully cooked meal that's ready to be popped into freezer or oven--think Chicken Ramen Soup or Stuffed Shells with Amatriciana Sauce.

  • You'll also learn Elle's favorite ideas for keeping food gifts fresh and packaging items cost-effectively yet creatively using edible garnishes, thrifted tableware, canning jars, cellophane bags, parchment, and more. With her expert help, you'll never again resort to an expensive, impersonal store-bought basket.

    World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope

    World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope

    Andrés, José
    A captivating collection of stories and recipes from renowned chefs, local cooks, and celebrity friends of José Andrés's beloved nonprofit World Central Kitchen (WCK), which feeds communities impacted by natural disasters and humanitarian crises; with a foreword from Stephen Colbert.

    In their first cookbook, WCK shares recipes inspired by the many places they've cooked following disasters as well as inspiring narratives from the chefs and volunteers on the front lines. Photographs captured throughout the world highlight community and hope while stunning food photography showcases the mouthwatering recipes.

    Each chapter reflects a value of the organization. "Urgency" focuses on food that can be eaten on the go, including the Lahmajoun Flatbread served after a devastating explosion rocked Beirut in 2020. In "Hope," readers will find soups, stews, and comforting meals such as Ukrainian Borsch served to families living through an unthinkable invasion and Chicken Chili Verde prepared for California firefighters. Famous WCK supporters have shared recipes too, like Breakfast Tacos from Michelle Obama and a Lemon Olive Oil Cake from Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex. Other contributors include Marcus Samuelsson, Ayesha Curry, Reem Assil, Brooke Williamson, Emeril Lagasse, Tyler Florence, Guy Fieri, Sanjeev Kapoor, and Eric Adjepong.

    The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope is a celebration of dignity and perseverance--and about building longer tables, not higher walls. All author proceeds from The World Central Kitchen Cookbook will be used to support World Central Kitchen's emergency response efforts.

    ScandiKitchen Cookbook

    ScandiKitchen Cookbook

    Aurell, Bronte
    This entertaining introduction to Scandinavian food contains over 80 recipes to try at home, developed by Bronte Aurell, owner of the popular ScandiKitchen Cafe in London's West End.

    There's so much more to Nordic food than pickled herring and meatballs. Stretching from the midnight sun of northern Norway to the flat, fertile fields of Denmark, Scandinavian food culture is a lot more varied than you might think. Dishes and ingredients link all the regions together, bringing a uniquely Nordic food experience to life that was created by thousands of years of heritage and shared culture. Scandinavian food is simple. Natives call it 'husmanskost' (farmer's fare). It's natural and honest. When you work with the very best produce, there's no need to overcomplicate it. Its appeal lies in the fact that it is healthy, wholesome, flavorsome, simple to make and beautiful to look at. This book features recipes for all occasions and times of the day, ranging from morning buns, lunchtime savories, hearty dinners and indulgent desserts, to bakes and other foods for special celebrations. Enjoy fresh and simple open sandwiches, healthy Nordic salads, delicious traditional hot dishes and indulgent cakes. Discover new flavors and textures from mustard pickled herring and gravlax to sticky Kladdkaka cake.

    Cook You Want to Be

    Cook You Want to Be

    Baraghani, Andy
    JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER - NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Beloved food writer and social media star Andy Baraghani helps you define and develop your personal cooking style--and become the cook you want to be--in more than 100 recipes.

    "This book is full of things I want to make and cook."--Yotam Ottolenghi

    ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: Bon Appétit, Saveur, Salon, Epicurious

    Andy Baraghani peeled hundreds of onions at Chez Panisse as a teenage intern, honed his perfectly balanced salad-making skills at Estela in New York, and developed recipes in the test kitchens of Saveur, Tasting Table, and Bon Appétit. It took him all those years to figure out the cook he wanted to be: a cook who is true to his Persian heritage, a fresh-vegetable lover, a citrus superfan, and an always-hungry world traveler. In The Cook You Want to Be, Baraghani shows home cooks on how to hone their own cooking styles by teaching the techniques and unexpected flavor combinations that maximize flavor in minimal time.

    At Bon Appétit, Baraghani created a bevy of viral recipes--from Tahini Ranch to Fall-Apart Caramelized Cabbage--that became household staples. Here, he follows up with more umami-rich dishes, beautiful and restaurant-worthy meals (that take half the time), and well-known dishes recast in utterly delicious ways. Among his debut cookbook's 100 recipes, new surefire hits include Caramelized Sweet Potatoes with Browned Butter Harissa; Sticky, Spicy Basil Shrimp; and Tangy Pomegranate-Chicken. Cooks will find inspiration to riff on, quick meals for hurried weeknights, condiments galore, and memorable meals to impress dinner guests. In essays throughout the book, Baraghani shares convictions (why everyone must make his beloved Persian egg dish, kuku sabzi) and lessons to live by (the importance of salting fish before cooking it).

    The Cook You Want to Be is a trove of go-to recipes and knowledge, stunning photographs, and delicious, simple home cooking for modern times.

    Sea Lover's Cookbook

    Sea Lover's Cookbook

    Bensimon, Sidney
    A gorgeous homage to coastal food and living filled with delicious recipes and dreamy photography of beaches, boats, and the sea.

    For ocean lovers and seafarers, this photo-rich cookbook features 65 vegetable-forward and pescatarian recipes to satisfy hungry sailors and surfers or to savor after a day of beachy languor. From the Captain's Breakfast Sandwich to Vegetable Ceviche with Coco Leche de Tigre, Lemon and Herb Pasta with Shrimp, and Orange Cardamom Almond Cake, these recipes are easy enough to make in a galley kitchen on a sailboat or in a beach bungalow with limited equipment, and they all encourage seasonal, sustainable cooking. Eco-friendly travel and boating tips, plus vivid stories from the author's far-flung nautical adventures, make this more than just a cookbook. Rife with stunning photography of coastlines, boat life, and briny-fresh dishes, The Sea Lover's Cookbook is a treasure trove of tempting recipes, a love letter to the ocean, and a dreamy showpiece for any beach house kitchen.

    BEAUTIFUL TO GIFT AND DISPLAY: These pages are full of evocative photographs of rocky coastlines with handsome lighthouses, boats docked at bustling harbors, crystal blue water crashing on sandy beaches, and lazy afternoons on sun-drenched sailboats. Display the book as a coffee table showpiece at your beach house or wherever you live as a marker of style and taste. It also makes the perfect gift for ocean lovers, beach house owners, and home cooks who like to surf, sail, or go for long walks on the sand.

    FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES THE WATER: The Sea Lover's Cookbook is for anyone who loves the sea or the beach--whether you live by the water, visit the coast frequently, or only dream about it. It is not strictly a seafood cookbook (a handful of recipes feature fish, but most are vegetarian), and you don't have to live by the ocean to enjoy it. These recipes and photos will transport you there.

    FRESH, APPROACHABLE RECIPES: These recipes are creative and easy enough for anyone to whip up--no cooking experience required. With fresh flavors, an informal tone, and captivating photography, this book makes you feel like you're sailing the high seas in the very best company. In a beach house kitchen, it will surely be the most-used book on the shelf!

    MORE THAN A COOKBOOK: With lifestyle tips on sustainable boating practices, buying wine abroad, shopping for fish, and making the most of coconuts, The Sea Lover's Cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. Aspirational photography and compelling travel stories make this book as fun to flip through and read cover-to-cover as it is to cook from.

    Perfect for:

  • Seaside dwellers who like to cook
  • Home cooks who love the ocean, whether or not they live nearby
  • Foodies and food enthusiasts who love nature and want to cook sustainably
  • Surfers, sailors, boaters, beachcombers, and anyone who enjoys beach/water activities
  • ​Beach house owners
  • Armchair travelers
  • Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook

    Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook

    Berry, Mary
    More than 650 classic recipes from Britain's best-loved cookery writer.

    Britain's best-loved cookery writer, Mary Berry, is back with an updated edition of her bestselling complete cookbook. Learn to cook like your favorite TV chef with hundreds of delicious tried-and-tested recipes and must-know cooking techniques for you to give a whirl.

    From mouth-watering classics like cheesy cottage pie, steak Diane, and salmon en croûte to family favorites such as lasagne, chili con carne, and three-cheese macaroni, you'll find your belly full and your heart fuller. With some exciting twists and turns along the way - prawn tacos, Thai spiced soup, and stir-fried Chinese noodles - there is something for everyone! Not to mention a sumptuous collection of desserts guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth, including cakes, pastries, soufflés, and trifles.

    In this book, you will find over 650 photographed recipes - from classic family favorites to dinners with a twist, and there is something for everyone in this much-loved cookery bible. It is packed with tasty dishes, with meat and vegetarian starters, mains, and desserts. Perfect for everyday cooks, baking enthusiasts, and Mary Berry fans alike, Mary Berry The Complete Cookbook is the crowning glory of every cook's shelf.

    How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

    How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

    Bittman, Mark

    Scott says: Straight ahead delicious recipes without a whiff of today's "foodie" foolishness or fashion. Bittman is a widely celebrated writer on food, culture and policy.

    The ultimate guide to meatless meals, completely updated and better than ever.

    Ten years ago, this breakthrough cookbook made vegetarian cooking accessible to everyone. Today, the issues surrounding a plant-based diet—health, sustainability, and ethics—continue to resonate with more and more Americans, whether or not they’re fully vegetarian. This new edition has been completely reviewed and revised to stay relevant to today’s cooks: New recipes include more vegan options and a brand-new chapter on smoothies, teas, and more. Charts, variations, and other key information have been updated. And, new for this edition, the recipes are showcased in bright full-color photos throughout. With these photos and a host of recipes destined to become new favorites, this already classic vegetarian cookbook will continue to be more indispensable than ever.