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Go the Fuck to Sleep

Mansbach, Adam; Cortes, Ricard
Oh. It's You.

Oh. It's You.

Marciuliano, Francesco
From the author of the beloved I Could Pee on This series comes a new book of hilarious love poems from cats to their people.

Cats have so many ways to say "I love you." Sometimes it's a gentle purr and a slow blink. Sometimes it's a tiny dead animal offered in tribute. And sometimes, it's expressed in that deepest of cat love languages: poetry.

The author of the internationally bestselling series of tongue-in-cheek poetry helps cats put paw to keyboard to express the depth of their feline feelings in odes to breakfasts (on time, please!), ripped-up rugs (it's a sign of affection!), the importance of keeping watch in the bathroom, and the perfect cardboard box that the expensive and totally ignored new cat bed arrived in. Illustrated by adorable and goofy cat photos, this book is the purrfect combination of snarky and sweet that every cat person knows is cat for true love.

CAT PHOTOS GALORE: Illustrated by a collection of feline models striking poses that are charming, affectionate, standoffish, and just plain silly, this whimsical poetry book reveals kitties at their most lovable.

IDEAL GIFT FOR CAT LOVERS: The humor in the poems is based on universal experiences shared by all cats and their owners. For that "crazy cat lady" or "cat mom/dad" in your life, this poetry book makes for the perfect cat-themed gift for anyone obsessed with their pet.

MINI COFFEE TABLE BOOK: Enchant visitors with this hand-held volume of the best cat poetry sure to delight book lovers and humor enthusiasts alike.

Perfect for:

  • Lovers of cats and cat stuff of all kinds
  • Fans of I Could Pee on This
  • Gift for Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, birthdays, or any occasion that could use a little love
  • Readers who love funny books about (or by) cats
  • Desktop Confessional

    Desktop Confessional

    Menner, Jackson
    Absolve your sins from the comfort of your office with the Desktop Confessional, a charming mini replica of the classic confessional booth that is always here to say You are forgiven!

    Press your fingers on the kneeler of this stylized mini confessional to receive a daily dose of absolution!

    This kit includes:

  • 3 miniature confessional, with light-up screen and pressure-activated kneeler that says You are forgiven.
  • 48-page illustrated mini book.
  • Talking IRL

    Talking IRL

    Pearlman, Robb
    Make small talk fun with more than 100 prompts and twenty-four conversation-starter stickers to fill any awkward silence.

    Created for anyone who would rather text, Slack, or e-mail than speak, Talking IRL: Conversation Starters for When You Have to Talk to Someone helps eliminate awkward pauses to get readers through any social situation.

    We've become so used to communicating via text or emojis that many of us do not know how to navigate an actual verbal conversation. Whether at a party, in a meeting, or even on a phone call, figuring out what to say--let alone the right thing to say--can be as awkward as it is emotionally scarring.

    Talking IRL humorously addresses everyday danger zones--from work and dating to parties and funerals--with checklists for getting through a business lunch, tips on how to listen without picking up your phone to check your messages, and quotes from celebrities that speak directly to having to make, and get away from, conversation.

    With twenty-four conversation-starter stickers like I'm from ____, Ask me about my ______, and I stan _______, Talking IRL is a handy, indispensable guide for grads, people starting new jobs or moving to a new city, or, let's face it, anyone who comes into contact with other people!

    Crazy Like a Fox

    Crazy Like a Fox

    Perelman, S. J.
    A beloved classic returns: S. J. Perelman's own selection of the very best of his hilarious stories and sketches

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author Joshua Cohen (The Netanyahus) reintroduces America's zaniest humorist to a new generation of readers

    When asked about himself the writer Sidney Joseph Perelman once quipped, "before they made him, they broke the mold." Nowhere is S. J. Perelman's one-of-a-kind, madcap sensibility--his gift for wordplay, witticism, spoofery, and sheer nonsense--on better display than in his classic collection Crazy Like a Fox, here restored to print for the first time in decades.

    In a playful, loving tribute to the funny man, novelist Joshua Cohen--also an erudite wordsmith and punster--introduces Perelman's sui generis comic pieces to a new generation of readers, certain to fall in love with the writer whom The New York Times once noted for his ability "to transform the common cliché or figure of speech into an exploding cigar."

    Included here are such beloved classics as:

  • the Joycean virtuoso performance "Scenario"
  • "A Farewell to Omsk," Perelman's hilarious homage to Dostoevsky
  • and "Farewell, My Lovely Appetizer," his side-splitting send-up of the hardboiled detective fiction of Raymond Chandler

  • Here is Perelman's own selection of the very best of his inimitable humor, restored to print for the first time in decades.

    Alexandra Petri's US History

    Alexandra Petri's US History

    Petri, Alexandra

    As a columnist for the Washington Post, Alexandra Petri has watched in real time as those who didn't learn from history have been forced to repeat it. And repeat it. And repeat it. If we repeat history one more time, we're going to fail! Maybe it's time for a new textbook.

    Alexandra Petri's US History contains a lost (invented!) history of America. (A history for people disappointed that the only president whose weird sex letters we have is Warren G. Harding.) Petri's "historical fan fiction" draws on real events and completely absurd fabrications to create a laugh-out-loud, irreverent takedown of our nation's complicated past.

    On Petri's deranged timeline, John and Abigail Adams try sexting, the March sisters from Little Women are sixty feet tall, and Susan Sontag goes to summer camp. Nearly eighty short, hilarious pieces span centuries of American history and culture. Ayn Rand rewrites The Little Engine That Could. Nikola Tesla's friends stage an intervention when he falls in love with a pigeon. The characters from Sesame Street invade Normandy. And Mark Twain--who famously said reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated--offers a detailed account of his undeath, in which he becomes a zombie.

    This side-splitting work of historical humor shows why Alexandra Petri has been hailed as a "genius,"* a "national treasure,"+ and "one of the funniest writers alive"+.

    *Olivia Nuzzi, Katha Pollitt
    +Julia Ioffe, Katy Tur, John Scalzi, Chuck Wendig, Jamil Smith, and Susan Hennessey
    +Randall Munroe

    Untitled Rock Nonfiction Fall 2021

    Rock, Chris
    Enemy of the People: A Cartoonist's Journey

    Enemy of the People: A Cartoonist's Journey

    Rogers, Rob
    After 25 years as the political cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rob Rogers was fired for drawing cartoons critical of President Trump.

    In Enemy of the People Rogers writes, "Trump's open embrace of the darkest, ugliest corners of human nature has emboldened racists, neo-Nazis, criminals, thugs, despots, misogynists and liars to come out from under their rocks and display their shameful behavior publicly. That includes publishers and editors who years ago may have been too ashamed to express their hateful views on the editorial page." From a cartoonkilling spree to a social media buzz, from an appearance on CNN to his final days at the paper, Rogers chronicles his unenviable journey with honesty, wit, and humor.



    Slate, Jenny
    From actor, comedian, co-creator of Marcel the Shell, and New York Times bestselling author of Little Weirds, Jenny Slate, a wild, soulful, hilarious collection of genre-bending essays depicting the journey into motherhood as you've never seen it before.

    What happened was this: Jenny Slate was a human mammal who sniffed the air every morning hoping to find another person to love who would love her, and in that period there was a deep dark loneliness that she had to face and befriend, and then we are pleased to report that she did fall in love, and in that period she was like chimes, or a flock of clean breaths, and her spine lying flat was the many-colored planks on the xylophone, but also she was rabid with fear of losing this love, because of past injury.And then what happened was that she became a wild-pregnant-mammal-thing and then she exploded herself by having a whole baby blast through her vagina during a global plague and then she was expected to carry on like everything was normal--but was this normal, and had she or anything ever been normal?

    Herein lies an account of this journey, told in five phases--Single, True Love, Pregnancy, Baby, and Ongoing--through luminous, laugh-out-loud funny, unclassifiable essays that take the form of letters to a doctor, dreams of a stork, fantasy therapy sessions, gossip between racoons, excerpts from an imaginary olden timey play, obituaries, theories about post-partum hair loss, graduation speeches, and more.

    No one writes like Jenny Slate.

    Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book) : A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

    Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book) : A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

    Stewart, Jon (EDT)
    The eagerly awaited new book from the Emmy-winning, Oscar-hosting, Daily Show-anchoring Jon Stewart--the man behind the megaseller America (The Book).

    Where do we come from? Who created us? Why are we here? These questions have puzzled us since the dawn of time, but when it became apparent to Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show that the world was about to end, they embarked on a massive mission to write a book that summed up the human race: What we looked like; what we accomplished; our achievements in society, government, religion, science and culture -- all in a tome of approximately 256 pages with lots of color photos, graphs and charts.

    After two weeks of hard work, they had their book. Earth (The Book) is the definitive guide to our species. With their trademark wit, irreverence, and intelligence, Stewart and his team will posthumously answer all of life's most hard-hitting questions, completely unburdened by objectivity, journalistic integrity, or even accuracy.