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Crossword Puzzles

Animal Lovers Trivia

Animal Lovers Trivia

In a striking and portable box, these 140 questions are a fun trivia challenge wherever you want to play! These multiple-choice questions cover the entire animal kingdom--from marine life to land dwellers.
Language Lover's Puzzle Book

Language Lover's Puzzle Book

Bellos, Alex
100 wonder-filled word puzzles that thrill and tantalize with the beauty, magic, and weirdness of world language

Whether you're a crossword solver, cryptogram fan, Scrabble addict, or Sudoku savant, The Language Lover's Puzzle Book is guaranteed to tease your brain and twist your tongue. Puzzle master Alex Bellos begins in Japan, where we can observe some curious counting:

boru niko = two balls
tsuna nihon = two ropes
uma nito = two horses
kami nimai = two sheets of paper

ashi gohon = five legs
ringo goko = five apples
sara gomai = five plates
kaba goto = five hippos

Now, how do the Japanese say "nine cucumbers"?*
a) kyuri kyuhon
b) kyuri kyuko
c) kyuri kyuhiki
d) kyuri kyuto

Bellos finds the intrigue--and the human element--in a dizzying array of ancient, modern, and even invented tongues, from hieroglyphs to Blissymbolics, Danish to Dothraki. Filled with unusual alphabets, fascinating characters, and intriguing local customs for time-telling, naming children, and more, this is a bravura book of brainteasers and beyond--it's a globe-trotting, time-traveling celebration of language.

*The word endings depend on shape: Flat things end in -mai and spherical things end in -ko. Cucumbers are long things (like ropes and legs), so they end in -hon. The answer is (a)!

Mensa® AARP® Challenging Brain Twisters

Mensa(r) Aarp(r) Challenging Brain Twisters

Coughlin, Fred
Challenge yourself and excite your brain with this entertaining collection of new puzzles created in partnership with American Mensa and the AARP (American Association of Retired People).

Young or old, your brain is essential to everything you do. You owe it to yourself not just to stay physically fit, but to stay mentally fit, too! This book of logic and number puzzles will help you do just that. A collaboration between Mensa and AARP, it is packed with brain teasers to exercise your mind and keep yourself sharp.

Whether you are looking to practice your critical thinking skills or you just want to keep your mind sharp, these puzzles will provide a short workout for your cognitive lobes. In the end, you'll have given your mind a problem-solving workout--and you'll have had fun in the process.

Challenge yourself and help keep your mind sharp with these brain-bending games and puzzles.



Electric Literature
Show off your page-turning prowess and bust out your best book-themed jokes with this raucous party game full of literary laughs from the wordsmiths at the indie nonprofit Electric Literature.

Papercuts is what Kurt Vonnegut, James Baldwin, and Virginia Woolf would play if they were alive, locked in a room together, and forced to play a card game. This party game for bibliophiles and pop culture fanatics follows an intuitive and popular game format, similar to Apples to Apples: the dealer lays down a Question card and each player must fill in the blank with one of the five Answer cards in their hand. What ensues is an endless loop of hilarious literary jokes and gut-busting gameplay.

Sample questions include:

  • Why does the caged bird sing?
  • Are You There God? It's Me, __________.
  • Last year's Booker Prize-winning novel is told from the perspective of __________.

  • Players can respond with answers like:
  • Flannery O'Connor's peacocks
  • Atticus Finch before he was racist
  • a fifteen-page sex scene

  • This edition of Electric Literature's game boasts 100 question cards and 200 answer cards in a luxe, portable package. Toss it in a tote or bring it to your next party for countless chapters of enjoyment.

    Literary Charades

    Literary Charades

    Games Room
    This beautifully-packaged party game comes with 140 cards, each with 5 literary categories to choose from, including Classics, Bestsellers, Nonfiction, Book to Film, and Children's books. Simply act out the titles of the latest-and-greatest books--without speaking a word--for your team to guess.
    Mythology Trivia

    Mythology Trivia

    Games Room
    With 140 mythological trivia questions in a gorgeous and compact box, MYTHOLOGY TRIVIA puts your knowledge of the world's mythologies to the ultimate test! These multiple-choice questions cover worldwide myths and folklore--from gods and heroes to magical beasts and monsters.
    Basic Bridge

    Basic Bridge

    Klinger, Ron

    'One of the best introductory books I have come across is Basic Bridge. I recommend it to beginners and teachers alike' The European

    'By far the best'Bridge Plus

    This is a definitive Acol textbook, equally valuable to rubber or duplicate bridge players. Set out as a course which can be used in conjunction with bridge classes or as a self-teacher, the book covers all the basic principles of bidding and play and is packed with exercises and quizzes on everything that has been taught. Recommended as the ideal textbook for learning the game, Basic Bridge will continue to be the standard beginner's guide to rubber and duplicate bridge for the foreseeable future. If you only ever buy one bridge book it has to be Basic Bridge.

    Secret Agent Brainteasers

    Secret Agent Brainteasers

    McKay, Sinclair
    Have you daydreamed of being approached to be a secret agent? Imagined yourself being propelled into the dangerous and elegant world of spies?
    Blending extraordinary and illuminating historical tales of the British Secret Intelligence Service from over the years with a wide range of mind-twisting puzzles, Secret Agent Brainteasers will test your mental agility to discover: Do YOU have what it takes to be a spy?
    Long gone are the days when the tap on the shoulder was largely a result of social connections. Now the secret intelligence services have cast their nets wider, and it's your chance to join the ranks. Whether you have a linguistic flair, an instinct for technology, or good old common sense, pit your wits against some of the greatest minds of our time with ingenious brainteasers including secret languages, sabotage-themed brain bogglers, and hidden codes.

    Answers in the Form of Questions

    Answers in the Form of Questions

    McNear, Claire
    What is the smartest, most celebrated game show of all time? In this insider's guide, discover the rich history of Jeopardy! -- the beloved game show that has shaped our culture and entertained audiences for years.
    Jeopardy! is a lot of things: record-setting game show, beloved family tradition, and proving ground for many of North America's best and brightest. Nearly four decades into its current edition, Jeopardy! now finds itself facing unprecedented change.

    This is the chronicle of how the show became a cross-generational touchstone and where it's going next. ANSWERS IN THE FORM OF QUESTIONS dives deep behind the scenes, with longtime host Alex Trebek talking about his life and legacy and the show's producers and writers explaining how they put together the nightly game. Readers will travel to bar trivia showdowns with the show's biggest winners and training sessions with trivia whizzes prepping for their shot onstage. And they'll discover new tales of the show's most notable moments-like the time the Clue Crew almost slid off a glacier-and learn how celebrity cameos and Saturday Night Live spoofs built a television mainstay.

    ANSWERS IN THE FORM OF QUESTIONS looks to the past -- and the future -- to explain what Jeopardy! really is: a tradition unlike any other.

    Paper, Pencil & You: Mindfulness

    Paper, Pencil & You: Mindfulness

    Moore, Gareth

    Tune into a moment of mindfulness with over 300 pencil-ready puzzles.

    Paper, Pencil and You: Mindfulness presents over 300 puzzles designed to encourage mindfulness in a busy, stressed-out world. From simple word searches and labyrinths to challenging logic problems and visual conundrums, each puzzle helps to keep the brain sharp, while providing a mindful moment free from distractions and worries.

    The puzzles in this book encourage you to develop mindfulness skills to help relieve the stresses of modern-day living. Each one is designed to channel your mind away from distractions and to focus on the here and now. Work your way through puzzles that include drawing fences, finding hidden words, matching shadows and linking shapes to improve your awareness, instinct and creativity.

    So, sharpen that pencil, turn over the page and tap into mindfulness.