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Resilient by Nature: Reflections from a Life of Winning on and Off the

Resilient by Nature: Reflections from a Life of Winning on and Off the Football Field

Williams, Reggie
This amazing memoir follows the story of Reggie Williams--ex-NFL linebacker, former Disney executive, renaissance man, and the epitome of determination in the face of extreme challenges.

In so many ways, Reggie Williams has had the type of life that people dream of: he starred as an athlete, excelled with an Ivy League education, built a sports empire as part of an iconic corporate brand, achieved global impact as a public servant, and won major honors for his community work. Along the way, Williams glowed on the biggest stages alongside celebrities, business leaders, and social icons.

Yet Williams's life has also presented a nightmare--and a determined mission to score another victory--with the battle to save his right leg from amputation. The residual effects of a fourteen-year career as an NFL linebacker has challenged Williams--who has undergone twenty-eight surgeries for football injuries, including multiple knee replacement operations--to draw on the resilience that has been at the foundation of his rise from the beginning.

In Resilient by Nature, Williams provides an intimate account of his remarkable journey while also sharing his unique perspectives on a wide variety of issues

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