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Engaged Management Volume 1: Inspiring Your Team To Win

Engaged Management Volume 1: Inspiring Your Team To Win
Engaged Management, Volume 1: Inspiring Your Team To Win (2nd edition) is the first book in John Hannon's Engaged Management Series. It is written for all levels of television broadcast and cable sales management, and for those aspiring to one day secure a management title and leadership role in the TV business. Inside these pages you will find immediately executable leadership, coaching, management, sales preparation, customer service, and career improvement suggestions. This is not a business book where each chapter is an organized step to becoming a better manager. Each chapter of Engaged Management features self-contained articles packed with anecdotes, stories, and "voice of experience" lessons. The writing is crafted in a style that makes it easy to stop reading mid-chapter to reflect, digest, and act on the new information. Other books in the series include Volume 2: Maximizing Your Team's Sales Performance and Volume 3: Awakening Sales Confidence In Your Team also on Amazon.
Publication Date: 
July 3, 2019
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