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Grown Ups

Grown Ups

Roxanne says: For fans of Elena Ferrante, Aubert is a Norwegian author who crafts a realistic story of two sisters; one married and pregnant, one attempting single parenthood with secret IVF testing.  A great sibling rivalry story.  

The perfect summer read. --British Vogue


A whip-smart novel about modern motherhood and sibling rivalry, from one of Norway's rising stars--perfect for fans of Emma Straub and the films of Greta Gerwig!


Exhilarating, funny, and unexpectedly devastating, Grown Upsis for anyone who has ever felt the fear of being overtaken by a sibling, who feels almost--but not quite--grown up, and who's struggled to navigate a new future for themselves.


Ida is a forty-year-old architect, single and starting to panic. She's navigating Tinder and contemplating freezing her eggs, terrified that time has passed her by, silently, without her ever realizing it, which feels even more poignant and common in our COVID era.


All she sees are other people's children, everywhere.


Now stuck in the idyllic Norwegian countryside for a gathering to mark her mother's sixty-fifth birthday, Ida is regressing. She's fighting with her younger sister, Marthe, and flirting with her sister's husband. But when some supposedly wonderful news from Marthe heightens tensions further, Ida is forced to mark out new milestones of her own.

Publication Date: 
June 21, 2022