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Happy Couple

Happy Couple

Roxanne says: A recent study reported that a significant portion of thirty-somethings are marrying within their friends group.  “The Happy Couple,” a new novel by Irish writer Naoise Dolan, takes this finding to a fun, snappy fictionalized degree. Her snappy dialogue and love of list making provide a fun, will-they-or-won't-they read.


"Daring . . . a brilliant contemporary novel."--Colm Tóibín

An intimate, sharply funny novel about a couple heading toward their wedding, and the three friends who may draw them apart

Meet Celine and Luke. For all intents and purposes, the happy couple.

Luke (a serial cheater) and Celine (more inter-ested in piano than domestic life) plan to marry in a year.

Archie (the best man) should be moving on from his love for Luke and up the corporate ladder, but he finds himself utterly stuck.

Phoebe (the bridesmaid and Celine's sister) just wants to get to the bottom of Luke's frequent unexplained disappearances.

And Vivian (a wedding guest) is the only one with any emotional distance and observes her friends like ants in a colony.

As the wedding approaches and their five lives intersect, these characters will each look for a path to the happily ever after--but does it lie at the end of an aisle?

In her wry, sprightly, and unmistakable voice, Naoise Dolan makes the marriage plot entirely her own in a sparkling ensemble novel that is both ferociously clever and supremely enjoyable.

Publication Date: 
November 7, 2023
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