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Roxanne says: Happy-Go-Lucky is another bang up group of essays of Sedaris' hilarious life, including family and partner stories deliciously presented.  His Oberlin Commencement Speech, alone, is worth the book price!  An upper for anyone down or ailing!  

David Sedaris returns with his first new collection of personal essays since the bestselling Calypso.

For almost thirty years, David Sedaris has been a household name, one that readers around the world associate with irreverent humor and a startling, moving talent for observation. Now with this new book of personal essays, Happy-Go-Lucky, he returns to the form for which he is most deeply beloved.

Whether shopping for culottes in Japan or frequenting flea markets in Eastern Europe; whether trekking, masked, through a city emptied by the pandemic or reckoning with his father's final and surprisingly happy years, David Sedaris captures what is strangest, funniest, and most poignant about life in language that is fresh, surprising, and yes... very, very funny. Happy-Go-Lucky invites readers back into the singular world of a preeminent chronicler of our times.