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I Saw It First! Jungle

I Saw It First! Jungle
FAST PACED: a speedy observation game where players put their reflexes to the test as they race to spot the animal.

EASY TO LEARN and addictive to play, family fun for all ages.

REVERSIBLE PLAYING BOARD: with multiple board combinations and 300 animals to spot, for hours of fun.

DISCOVER 300 JUNGLE ANIMALS from around the globe.

LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING has been capturing imaginations and inspiring creativity in new and unexpected ways for over 30 years, with playful and eye-catching games, gifts and books.

300 jungle animals are hiding on this gameboard - can you be the first to spot the giraffe, or even the giraffe weevil? Pull a counter from the box and see who can find that animal first!

Now in a square box, I Saw it First! Jungle includes a double-sided hexagonal board and 300 counters with charming animal illustrations by Caroline Selmes. Simple to understand and addictive to play, this fun and challenging game will delight adults and children alike.

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Publication Date: 
March 19, 2024
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