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Lexogon the great game of Words

Lexogon the great game of Words

Lexogon is a challenging, fast-paced word game where you think about words in a great new way. It stretches your brain, memory and mettle. It stimulates your vocabulary, your word recognition skills and your creativity! Think of a word that uses 3 clue letters in order, but arranged in the special way required by your Category Rule. There are seven different categories to solve. Be the first to come up with words for all seven categories and you've won. But there's risk, luck and strategy involved: you can be challenged, you can lose a turn or credit for a category, and it all depends on the roll of the die, the clues and YOUR way with words! Players of differing vocabulary skills can play together since there is an intermediate deck of clues and a standard deck for a college level vocabulary. For 2 to 6 players/teams. Adults and Teens.