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Loved and Missed

Loved and Missed

Andrea says: I expected this to be a wrenching story, but it is much more poignant than painful. A quick, moving, and thoughtful journey into the love of mothers and daughters, the value of friends, and ties that bind and unbind.

With her daughter in the throes of drug addiction, a mother takes over the care of her granddaughter--and is transformed by the bond that forms between them--in this warm, sharp-witted, and psychologically acute story of familial love by a praised British novelist.


Ruth is a woman who believes in and despairs of the curative power of love. Her daughter, Eleanor, who is addicted to drugs, has just had a baby, Lily. Ruth adjusts herself in ways large and small to give to Eleanor what she thinks she may need--nourishment, distance, affection--but all her gifts fall short. After someone dies of an overdose in Eleanor's apartment, Ruth hands her daughter an envelope of cash and takes Lily home with her, and Lily, as she grows, proves a compensation for all of Ruth's past defeats and disappointment. Love without fear is a new feeling for her, almost unrecognizable. Will it last?


Love and Missed is a whip-smart, incisive, and mordantly witty novel about love's gains and missteps. British writer Susie Boyt's seventh novel, and the first to be published in the United States, is a triumph.

Publication Date: 
September 19, 2023
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