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My Beloved Monster

My Beloved Monster

Andrea says: An interesting man with an extraordinary love for cats, especially his Siberian Forest Cat, Masha. When Caleb Carr adopts Masha, an amazing cat who was abandoned in an apartment, his  love of felines truly takes on magical proportions. Masha is a smart, beautiful, adventurous cat...Caleb is an erudite, solitary, good story teller. If you are a cat lover, give it a whirl.


"The most brilliant feline portrait in literary history." -People Magazine (Book of the Week)

The #1 bestselling author of The Alienist tells the extraordinary story of Masha, a half-wild rescue cat who fought off a bear, tackled Caleb like a linebacker--and bonded with him as tightly as any cat and human possibly can.

"Dares us to take a journey into love and pain . . . My Beloved Monster is a love story and a requiem." -Wall Street Journal

"Excellent...Worth the emotional investment, and the tissues you will need by the end, to spend time with a writer and cat duo as extraordinary as Masha and Carr." --Washington Post Book World

Caleb Carr has had special relationships with cats since he was a young boy in a turbulent household, famously peopled by the founding members of the Beat Generation, where his steadiest companions were the adopted cats that lived with him both in the city and the country. As an adult, he has had many close feline companions, with relationships that have outlasted most of his human ones. But only after building a three-story home in rural, upstate New York did he enter into the most extraordinary of all of his cat pairings: Masha, a Siberian Forest cat who had been abandoned as a kitten, and was languishing in a shelter when Caleb met her. She had hissed and fought off all previous carers and potential adopters, but somehow, she chose Caleb as her savior.

For the seventeen years that followed, Caleb and Masha were inseparable. Masha ruled the house and the extensive, dangerous surrounding fields and forests. When she was hurt, only Caleb could help her. When he suffered long-standing physical ailments, Masha knew what to do. Caleb's life-long study of the literature of cat behavior, and his years of experience with previous cats, helped him decode much of Masha's inner life. But their bond went far beyond academic studies and experience. The story of Caleb and Masha is an inspiring and life-affirming relationship for readers of all backgrounds and interests--a love story like no other.

Publication Date: 
April 16, 2024
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