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Not Yet Fallen World

Not Yet Fallen World

Hailed as "indispensable" (David Wojahn), Stephen Dunn masterfully shifts between the metaphysical and the ironic, never wavering in his essential honesty. His graceful poems confront our contradictions with tenderness and wit, enliven the ordinary with penetrating observation, and alert us to the haunting wonders and relationships that surround us. Drawing from eleven crystalline volumes, The Not Yet Fallen World is arranged to further Dunn's signature themes: mortality, morality, and the roles we play in the essential human comedy of getting through each day. This final collection captures the breadth of an acclaimed poet's achievement, a poetic expanse suffused with fearless generosity and perceptive wisdom.

From "The Widening"

there's no such thing as a full stop

in music--silence is a sound, an afterlife

for anyone with an ear.

Publication Date: 
May 24, 2022