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Outer Dark

Outer Dark

Ben says: A winding story of sin and punishment written with dense and glorious prose. With McCarthy, the world is dark, but that darkness glows.

From the bestselling author of The Passenger and the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Road - A novel at once fabular and starkly evocative, set is an unspecified place in Appalachia, sometime around the turn of the century.

A woman bears her brother's child, a boy; he leaves the baby in the woods and tells her he died of natural causes. Discovering her brother's lie, she sets forth alone to find her son. Both brother and sister wander separately through a countryside being scourged by three terrifying and elusive strangers, headlong toward an eerie, apocalyptic resolution.

Look for Cormac McCarthy's latest bestselling novels, The Passenger and Stella Maris.

Publication Date: 
June 29, 1993
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