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Doug says: Radically haunted and unputdownable. Next on the stack this morning after reading a chapter from Hirsch’s latest on Wisława Szymborska. No need to tell you how haunted and amazing Szymborska’s work is--yet, somehow, Buschi shadowed effortlessly. Sorry to go on, but Paddock is disquieting to the point that I missed breakfast in order to read every page.

Mary Lou Buschi's second collection, Paddock, is a poetic palindrome. Two lost girls attempt to connect by writing letters to "Dear," a mother figure. They also pass the time by telling one another stories that sometimes conjure spirts. Much like Vladimir and Estragon in Waiting for Godot, they wait. Paddock is best read in one gulp, shuttling between Greek tragedy and lyric ellipsis...a poetry of hope, desire, and despair as the girls refuse to let the story end. Girl 2, "Maybe the story has just begun." Here, you will find enter into a lyrical, natural world of image, color. Hear a chorus of sisters. Enter the forest and the sea and be changed,

Publication Date: 
May 15, 2021