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Shakespeare for Every Night of the Year

Shakespeare for Every Night of the Year

Immerse yourself in the sublime words of the Bard with this sumptuous anthology of Shakespearean snippets, with one extract for every night of the year.


Chosen especially by a Shakespeare fanatic to reflect the changing seasons and yearly events, the entries in this glorious book include Romeo and Juliet on Valentine's Day, A Midsummer Night's Dream in midsummer, Macbeth's witches around their cauldron on Halloween, and feasting at Christmas, alongside one of Shakespeare's only two mentions of football for the anniversary of the first FA cup final, and you'll also find out exactly when the Ides of March is.


Beautifully illustrated with favorite scenes from Shakespeare's best-loved plays, this handsome volume provides an accessible, fun introduction to his work, both the well-known and lesser-known plays and also his poetry. Keep this book by your bedside and luxuriate in the rich language of the greatest writer the world has ever known, for entertainment, relaxation, and timeless wisdom every night of the year.

Publication Date: 
April 9, 2024
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