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Through the Groves

Through the Groves

Doug says: Through the Groves tells a gritty family tale of one girl's growing up adventure in a Florida few will recognize. The author keeps it fun and real, true to the woman she becomes. All the time using direct, evocative language.  I could not stop reading until the last page.  

"Hypnotic and tender, this book reminds us that even if we leave our homes, our homes never leave us."
--Oprah Daily

"[Hull] has that sly eye for sublime details, but also a killer instinct for tight storytelling."
Carl Hiaasen, New York Times Book Review

A richly evocative coming-of-age memoir set in the Florida orange groves of the 1960s by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

Anne Hull grew up in rural Central Florida, barefoot half the time and running through the orange groves her father's family had worked for generations. The ground trembled from the vibrations of bulldozers and jackhammers clearing land for Walt Disney World. "Look now," her father told her as they rode through the mossy landscape together. "It will all be gone." But the real threat was at home, where Hull was pulled between her idealistic but self-destructive father and her mother, a glamorous outsider from Brooklyn struggling with her own aspirations. All the while, Hull felt the pressures of girlhood closing in. She dreamed of becoming a traveling salesman who ate in motel coffee shops, accompanied by her baton-twirling babysitter. As her sexual identity took shape, Hull knew the place she loved would never love her back and began plotting her escape.

Here, Hull captures it all--the smells and sounds of a disappearing way of life, the secret rituals and rhythms of a doomed family, the casual racism of the rural South in the 1960s, and the suffocating expectations placed on girls and women.

Vividly atmospheric and haunting, Through the Groves will speak to anyone who's ever left home to cut a path of their own.

Publication Date: 
June 20, 2023
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