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Two Degrees

Two Degrees

Melanie says: A timely book by the author of "Refugee". Hurricanes, wildfires, and melting glaciers across the world, endangering humans and wildlife. Three intertwining stories of kids in Miami, northern California, and Manitoba whose very lives are threatened by the effects of climate change. A wonderful book for families to read and discuss. As one character says, "Nobody has to do everything, but everybody has to do something".

#1 New York Times bestselling author Alan Gratz (Refugee; Ground Zero) is back, tackling the urgent topic of climate change in this breathtaking, action-packed novel that will keep readers turning pages while making their own plans to better the world.




Fire. Ice. Flood. Three climate disasters.


Four kids fighting for their lives.


Akira is riding her horse in the California woods when a wildfire sparks--and grows scarily fast. How can she make it to safety when there are flames everywhere?


Owen and his best friend, George, are used to seeing polar bears on the snowy Canadian tundra. But when one bear gets way too close for comfort, do the boys have any chance of surviving?


Natalie hunkers down at home as a massive hurricane barrels toward Miami. When the floodwaters crash into her house, Natalie is dragged out into the storm--with nowhere to hide.


Akira, Owen, George, and Natalie are all swept up in the devastating effects of climate change. They are also connected in ways that will shock them--and could alter their destinies forever.


Bestselling author Alan Gratz is at the top of his game, shining a light on our increasingly urgent climate crisis while spinning an action-packed story that will keep readers hooked--and inspire them to take action.

Publication Date: 
October 4, 2022