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Wilton Wilberry and the Magical Christmas Wishing Well

Wilton Wilberry and the Magical Christmas Wishing Well
Wilton Wilberry is having a very un-merry holiday season because he always gets the "crummy stuff" for Christmas like sox and underwear while his older brother and sister always get the "good stuff" like skateboards and video games. A week before Christmas, after his brother and sister tease him mercilessly, Wilton runs to his bed and cries himself to sleep. When the shadow of a reindeer flies across his quilt and wakes Wilton up, he follows it deep into the woods where he discovers a magical wishing well. A weird, little man, who looks like a crazy, hipster Santa Claus, rises out of the well and gives Wilton everything he wants. From then on, day after day, Wilton goes back to the well again and again. Soon, toys and candy fill Wilton's bedroom, house, yard and even his whole neighborhood, while no one else gets a single thing or can even play with or touch anything Wilton gets! Eventually, no one else likes Wilton or will even talk to him. On Christmas Eve, Wilton is all alone. Once again he cries himself to sleep and has a dream, this time about a Christmas Princess. The Christmas Princess tells Wilton that the most important that the most important thing in the world is not toys and candy and mountains of stuff, but rather the love of his friends and family. The Christmas Princess touches Wilton with her magic wand and off they fly to the well to make one more wish. When Wilton wishes that the holidays could be just the way they used to be, the weird Santa rises from the well in the shape of a giant demon. When the Christmas Princess waves her wand, the demon and his cohort disappear into the night sky and the well vanishes. Wilton then flies home to find that all the toys and candy he'd gotten have disappeared and there are just 3 presents on his bed - one for his brother, one for his sister and one for him. Wilton knows that even if his gift is sox or underwear, he will have the happiest Christmas of his life. Because Wilton now knows that the most important thing in the world is love. And Wilton now knows that, even without toys and candy, he now has everything.
Publication Date: 
May 8, 2015