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Melanie says: When I was a young child my father was in the Army and based at Ft. Benning, GA. When we were there, the Cuban Missile Crisis happened. I have vague memories of being evacuated to the school gym. The Army wives in this book, also stationed at Ft. Benning, were there during the war in Afghanistan. I don't know how similar their stories are to my own mother's. But, I certainly have a better understanding of what it may have been like for her. A moving account of military life from a wife's perspective.

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"A haunting, beautifully written celebration of found sisterhood." --Publishers Weekly, starred review
"A fearless, engaging, and important memoir." --Library Journal, starred review
"[A] gorgeously rendered peek behind the curtain of military life." --Booklist, starred review


A captivating memoir that tells the story of one woman's experience of joining a community of army wives after leaving her New York City job--a profoundly intimate look at marriage, friendship, and today's America.


When her new husband joins an elite Army unit, Simone Gorrindo is uprooted from New York City and dropped into Columbus, Georgia--a town so foreign she might as well have landed on the moon. With her husband frequently deployed, Simone is left to find her place in this new world, alone--until she meets the wives.


Gorrindo gives us an intimate look into the inner lives of a remarkable group of women and a tender, unflinching portrait of a marriage. A love story, an unforgettable coming-of-age tale, and a bracing tour of the intractable divisions that plague our country today, The Wives offers a rare and powerful gift: a hopeful stitch in the fabric of a torn America.

Publication Date: 
April 9, 2024
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